We genuinely care about your social and emotional welfare.


EduVillage is an online platform that was birthed out of the pandemic in the early spring of 2020. Like many of the educators around the world, the founders felt a sense of obligation to the community to create a platform where every individual within it could still stay connected with others without restrictions. Educators representing 30 years of teaching experience poured their sweat and blood into making this vision come to life.

Unlike other platforms that provide similar services, EduVillage was created with the sole intent to service everyone within the community. This is the premise behind our platform being open from 6 am EST to 9 pm EST  7 days a week. Our aim is to service everyone in the household ranging from age 2 to 102. This is part of the reason why we won't specialize in one particular age group. We couldn't bare the thought of leaving anyone out, especially during a pandemic. 

EduVillage has but one mission and endeavor. Our mission is to ensure that everyone that we encounter is enlightened, equipped, and empowered through our intentional engagement.

Our ultimate vision is to cultivate a community where everyone has an opportunity to excel academically, socially, mentally and financially." We want everyone to know their self worth. This is explicitly demonstrated in our nontraditional methods for seeking out additions to our community. We are of the persuasion that anyone can teach or conduct a club because learners too come in many forms.