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Art Squad with Miss Grace

Ages 7-12

  • 12 US dollars
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This art class will allow kids to do fun art games in a social setting. Laughter included! Materials needed for the service: paper (lots of it), art supplies - crayons markers, scissors... ability to log in to website for online art games, dice More Class Details: Art dice game - Kids will take turns rolling a dice that has colors, shapes and different lines on them. As the dice rolls, the learners add that element to their drawing. Simon Says, Draw - Just as the name implies, the learners will take turns playing Simon and giving the other learners artistic prompts. Scribble Drawings - This game is where learners take a piece of paper and and scribble on it with a pencil and then look for a shape or an image that pops out. They can color it or they can look for other shapes. 5 Dot Person - Learners will draw 5 dots and then choose 1 dot to draw the head, 2 for the hands and 2 for the feet and fill in the body! Exquisite Corpse - In this activity the learners take a trifold piece of paper and cut it so they draw pictures that interchange top, bottom, and middle parts to make funny pictures. Online games - We will play a few online games; including, a game where the learners will match color, and hue to a sample color. Also a game where they can create street art or a masterpiece (they will need to log onto this website during the class). Roll a... - This game has the learners rolling a dice and based on the the number rolled, they add an element to their drawing.

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