Become a partner and join our cause by becoming an independent contractor. We can't offer more classes and clubs if you don't apply! Help grow our online community by adding your gifts and talents. When you don't share your gifts and talents, you are doing a disservice to yourself and our potential participants. This platform was created for people like you, so apply today. Become someone's hero  today.

Why should you partner with us an independent contractor? 

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Join our Team and become an independent contractor.


Which type of independent contractor are you? Are you a PDI or an Educhef?

Professional Development instructors (PDI) are individuals that have taught in a professional teaching role and/or admin role within a school. They help to service other traditional teachers by providing workshops. They also serve as mentors and coaches to the schools that we service and our online community.


Educhefs are your nontraditional teachers that have a special gift or talent that they want to share with others. They create tailor made courses or clubs using the latest ingredients. Applicants that wish to serve in this capacity can do so starting at the age of 12. 

EduVillage is an equal opportunity community, so anyone can become an Educhef and/or PDI, including individuals that live in other countries. 


Part 1: Complete our application​

Part 2: Tell us about your course(s)        

Our courses are tailored made courses taught by our Independent Contractors

Independent contractors create their own courses for our participants within EduVillage. What kind of topics are you passionate about teaching? 

Independent contractors use the latest ingredients to create their courses. Let us know what your class or workshop will look like! Write a sample description below. You should write this as though it is for prospective participants. Include what you will teach, how you will teach it, what age group or subgroup you are teaching, and what should learners expect from this class or workshop along with materials needed. This may be used as a frame of reference for part 3.

Part 3: Give us a taste of what you got to offer!

Give us a taste of something creative and bold. Let us see what you got stirring up. Choose 1 of the options below:

  • Simply upload your resume.

  • Record a 3 minute video where you give us a sample of the course or workshop you described in part 2.


Make sure whatever you show us speaks to why you would be a valuable asset to EduVillage. Lastly, please make sure your audio and lightning are the best quality before submitting any videos. Have fun with it!

If  you are having problems uploading anything, please email it to .

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Part 4: Are you ready to commit to becoming a change agent?

Download our independent contract.  Read over it and then sign it. Upload the signed contract below. 

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Download our NDA. Read over it and then sign it. Upload the signed copy below. 

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Part 5: Background Check

Contractors that plan on working with children must undergo a background check annually. Candidates that have a recent background check that is less than a year old may submit a copy of this to expedite the background check process. Otherwise, we will conduct our own background check through Checkr. A link will be emailed to you from CheckR. You are encouraged to complete this check within 3 days or it will expire. A signed contract without a cleared background check will cause the process to pause until the background check is cleared. Applicants that want to work with children and have a cleared background are offered a partnership with us.

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Part 6: How Are Independent Contractors paid?

Employees are paid 7-10 days after they conduct a class or course using the Square App. Those that do not have a social security number should contact us at 248-294-0907 for further information. If you are ok with this, please submit this form and a Square link will be sent within 24 hours of you submitting this form. Direct deposit information needs to be set up in 3 days before the link expires.

Once we get all of your paperwork squared away, you will receive further information from a member of our team to get you set-up and ready for your first course or club.

Thank you for answering the call to become a hero!